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Last Minute Easy DIY Halloween Costumes


Forgot Halloween was on the 31st?! DAMMIT! There's nothing quite as stressful as selecting or creating a Halloween costume. It’s usually why we all leave it to the very last minute. Who cares, DAMMIT?! Procrastination breeds Halloween DIY creativity. Below are 5 easy DIY Halloween costumes you can do on the cheap.
1. We’re all about the classics at Dammit Dolls headquarters. The Scarecrow costume has been a hit ever since that tornado dropped ditzy Dorothy in the land of weird. The best part about this costume is that you probably have all the essentials at home. Search closets and drawers for a plaid shirt, jeans, a floppy hat and eyeliner (or face paint if you’re fancy). Just follow the Joy of Fashions face paint design and you’re set. If you've got a little straw or crinkle paper around, throw it in your sleeves and pants for that extra farm feel. 
las tminute easy DIY Halloween costumes
2. Few things come as easily as a mime costume does to a Halloween costume procrastinator. Who doesn’t have a black and white striped shirt and a pair of black bottoms? Ta-da! Mime outfit complete. If you feel the need for flare, add a pair of white or black gloves, white face powder and some power red lipstick. Bonus, when an annoying co-worker shows up in this costume you can finally ask them “Why are you talking?” 
DIY halloween costumes ideas
3. Our personal favorite easy DIY Halloween costume idea is, of course, a life sized Dammit Doll!  Start by printing a life- sized version of our DAMMIT poem on an 8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of paper. Attach it to a set of patterned PJs. Go crazy with some hair spray/gel until your hair is standing straight up on end. Be sure to carry around one of our classic Dammit Dolls for good measure- you wouldn’t want to be seen without your “mini-me”!  One tip for the wise: be cautious around people who are really stressed-out. We don’t want anyone taking the opportunity to whack and slam a life-sized Dammit Doll!
4. This costume is for the laziest of the lazy. Maybe Halloween’s just not your thing. Grab a pen, preferably not a permanent one, and write book somewhere on your face. Now take a step back and admire your cleverness. You’re officially Facebook. Voila! Be warned, you will be heckled and shamed by avid Halloweeners who spent a small fortune and a tremendous amount of time on their costumes. What do you care? You’re Facebook for goodness sake! You know everything about everyone!  
dammit doll blog post easy DIY idea for Halloween custumes
5. Now we have to be honest, this last costume is our all-time go-to. Yes, Risky Business has been done before. No, we will not give this costume up! You get to parade around in an oversized shirt and comfortable stretchy shorts (tight underwear is for the bold). This might be one of the quickest and most comfortable ways to create a full body costume. Plus no one can resist a Risky Business slide-in entrance. It never gets old! Are we right?


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