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Easy tricks to impress your boss at work


easy tricks to impress your boss blog postWorked 10 hours of overtime and your boss still isn’t impressed?! DAMMIT! The work environment can be a breeding ground of stress and anxiety. A great way to steer clear of this is by making your boss happy. Here are 5 easy tricks to impress your boss.

1. That whole “don’t judge a book by its cover” thing rarely applies in the workplace. Always look and act the part of the organized professional your boss expects you to be. If you can’t find a document in the trash heap you call a desk, or wear sandals over socks to work, then you’ll probably never be up for a promotion. Get it together, DAMMIT!
2. This one’s going to be a real doozie. Are you ready for it? Show up early. This classic piece of advice always works. Being one of the first people at your desk reeks of dedicated and driven. If you just don’t understand any arrival time other than “fashionably late” then at least bring coffee.
3. You probably never thought you’d hear this one, but go for the epic fail. Bosses recognize the difference between failure due to stupidity and failure due to ambition. Trying too hard at work is not viewed as the social catastrophe it once was in high school. Bosses admire someone who cares about the business as much as they do. And if this doesn’t work out at least you’ll have a true “Dammit Moment” to share with your friends.
4. Despite what seems like a popular belief, it’s not your boss’s job to hold your hand through every crisis. A leader appreciates a person who is proactive. Do a little research, Chicken Little, before running to the boss and crying “the sky is falling”! Your manager is literally going to cry for joy if you come to them with a problem accompanied by a solution. We really believe the Internet was created solely for this purpose and are patiently waiting for Google to start handing out Bachelor degrees in problem solving.

tips to impress your boss at work

5. Let’s not pretend that in some point in our careers we haven’t thought about typing in “gifts for boss” into Google search. Never underestimate some good old-fashioned brown nosing.  We don’t always recommend attempting to buy someone’s love, but a #gaggift is a great office pick-me-up. Our Stress Heads are a desk accessory that will make a boss smile and remind them  you’re aware of how tough it can be at the top. Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire your boss to buy Dammit Dolls as a gift for the whole office. Here’s hoping!
If you were already aware of all these tips then you’re a know-it-all who has severely wasted their time. If not, it’s time to stop taking notes and get to action. And if your boss still isn’t impressed, then it’s time for a Dammit Doll in your life as well as a possible career change.

dammit doll blog post tips for impressing your boss

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