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Top 10 Thanksgiving Dammit Moments


We all know the Holidays are stressful. We’ve all had to live through variations of the "kids' tables", bad gifts, and random insults.  Of all the special days this season, the one that tends to yield the most Dammit Moments is Thanksgiving. What may be a turkey day horror story for you is comic gold to us! Our staff shared some of their funniest Thanksgiving moments so you can join in the merriment and the undeniable awkwardness.
Uncle called his current wife by his ex-wife's name during grace?! DAMMIT! –Technical Designer
Husband sliced open his finger while cutting the turkey, so you spent Thanksgiving in the ER eating chips from a vending machine?! DAMMIT! -Production manager
Your mother-in-law vowed never to give you her secret mac and cheese recipe after you dropped an entire bowl of it on the floor right before Thanksgiving dinner?! DAMMIT! -Customer Service Manager
Accidentally sneezed on the turkey as you were serving it to your guests?! DAMMIT! –Social Media Coordinator
The only edible thing on the Thanksgiving table last year was the canned cranberries?! DAMMIT! –Art Director
“You finally turn 21 and your family decides to start “dry” Thanksgivings?! DAMMIT!” –Graphic Designer
“Brought your new boyfriend to Thanksgiving dinner and your parents won’t stop showing him weird family photos?! DAMMIT!” –Sales Associate
“Drinking Thanksgiving dinner just to tolerate the family drama?! DAMMIT!” –Sales Manager
“Your cousin was so drunk from apple pie a la mode shots that he broke a dining room chair just trying to sit down?! DAMMIT!” –Customer Service
“Mom and Mother-in-law got so sauced that they poured a can of green beans into the pumpkin pie mix?! DAMMIT!” –General Manager
Want to know something you can always be grateful for?  A Dammit Doll! Because in your darkest times of stress and despair, we’ll always be there. We also just might prevent you from tossing the candied yams at loud-mouthed Uncle Carl. SIT DOWN UNCLE CARL, no one cares about what Aunt Kathy said to you on December 15, 1988. Got any Dammit Moments that you just need to get off your chest? We’d love to hear them!

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