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Tips for a stress free Thanksgiving


The Food Network and bloggers are giving everyone hosting FOMO ("fear of missing out" if you've been living under a rock). But as soon as we decide to take on Thanksgiving dinner at our house the stress starts to trickle in. What size turkey do I need? How fancy do the place settings have to be? Why is grandma here so freaking early?! Being the hostess with the mostest is a difficult feat! Seriously, there is a reason Martha Stewart survived in prison. She must’ve been one cast iron beast to always be delivering food with that big  smile plastered on her face. Below are some quick tips that get us through this Holiday!
1.    Plan ahead. Like, plan everything ahead. We even recommend putting place settings together a week ahead of time and just eating dinner every night until Thanksgiving in front of the TV like those ads from the 1950’s.
2.    Your slow cooker is your best friend. We own so many, we bust those babies out all over the house. Standing over the hot stove is for the unimaginative.
3.    Delegate like a BOSS. Tell your guests what they’re bringing and when to bring it. If they let you down, kindly show them to the kids' table where they belong.
4.    When all else fails, grab that Dammit Doll and start whacking. Make sure to yell DAMMIT extra loud so everybody knows how stressed you are!
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