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The Mental Process of Stubbing Your toe


There are few things as truly horrible as stubbed toe pain. Stubbing your toe is one of those moments in life where you realize Karma is real, a real bitch that is. From there you start to question what you possibly could have done in this life or the past one to deserve such a cruel fate!  Since we’ve studied at the great college of WebMD we feel qualified to walk you through the different stages of stubbing your toe. We retract the previous statement if you actually need medical attention.

Stage One: Your toe and coffee table have met in the worst possible way.

Nothing has, or ever will feel this bad ever again.

[Source: Led Lite Tumblr]

Stage Two: This is how it all ends.

Someone please make a "fire" playlist on Spotify for my funeral, I'm dying.
[Source: African Spotlight via Buzzfeed Life]

Stage Three: I must end the life of the chair/coffee table/sofa that did this to me.

Ikea must have forged this coffee table in the depths of hell.
[Source: Listal]

Stage Four: Do NOT talk to me right now. Don't even look at me.

Don't ask me if I'm ok, you're as much to blame as this coffee table.
[Source: IxDaily]

Stage Five: Why is it still throbbing?

This minute of pain is equivalent to an hour of waterboading.
[Source: Today Network/ via]

Stage Six: Hopefully no one saw that.

I really hope everyone can forget that moment where I acted like a 2 year old who just figured out what a tantrum was.
[Source: via Buzzfeed]

Stage Seven: OH ****, I actually broke it.

There are times when someone's over reaction is the correct one because their toe (and now their life) have been shattered. If this is the case please visit, or an actual doctor, DAMMIT!
[Source: Ranger Board]

If this grieving process still doesn't supress your angry feelings then it's time to whip out the Dammit Doll and go town!

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