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How to celebrate a 50th birthday


It’s as if turning 50 has been deemed one of the original sins. What is considered over the hill anyway? We are wiser, more grounded, and it’s not our first rodeo. Been there, done that! We try not to be frustrated by our advancing age. Let’s celebrate the fact that we’ve miraculously managed to survive 50 years on this stress-stricken planet. Take stock of these fun 50th birthday ideas that will help us ring in the big FIVE O with pride.

Create a Photo Collage

50th Birthday Photo Collage
[Source: Martha Stewart]
There’s nothing like expressing your history of coolness, not to mention your vast joys and accomplishments. Collage some photos from every decade of your fabulous life, and sit back while your guests bask in your glory. Findmore ideas like this one on the ever-popular Martha Stewart Blog. If pasting pictures to the wall is a little too much work (we get it) then you might want to invest in some clothespins and string. Hang up pictures of all of your marvelous birthdays without worrying what shape they’re making. If you don’t feel like regaling your guest with past photos, mostly because you hate pictures and refuse to take them, then here are a few other ways to decorate. Shiny things are not just meant for distracting children. You can also use them to add a little flair to your 50th.  These metallic balloons have been all over social media in 2015, they’re an instant party boost. If you can’t trust friends, or should we say foes, to not burst your balloon “bubble,” then we recommend the banner route. Lucky for every DIYer there is a million printable banners on Pinterest. Tips 4 Everything did some of the work for us by cultivating 15 banners for almost every birthday party personality.

Give Away Classy Party Favors

50th Birthday Printed Matchbook Idea
If you’re feeling super sophisticated at 50, then make sure to hit your guests with some classy party favors. We’re in love with these printed matchbooks. It’s partially because they look so sleek, but mostly because we like the fantasy of setting fire to anyone who dares to mock our evolutionary age, DAMMIT! There are a lot of free matchbook templates out there. Feel free to customize with chalkboard monogram prints or you can write fun little messages to your guests like these Valentine day matchboxes. Liking the printable vibes but want to ditch the matchbooks? You can add a print to whatever party favor you like. Booze to go is always a win, try creating a customized birthday print and slapping it on some mini champagne bottles. If you really love your guests, then you can treat them to some de-stressing. We’re big fans of this DIY spa kit. It may seem a little tedious but its good to know that whenever a guest is posting pictures of their facial with a smile on their face, they only have you to thank.

Add Some Flair to the Snack Selection

Mixtape Cupcakes Birthday Party Idea
[Source : Apartment Therapy]
Now let’s move on to the most important thing. What’s the celebratory sweet that helps us ring in our 50th? If we’re going to hit the high calorie dessert, it might as well be delicious and fun! We’re pretty partial to these cupcakes with "mix tape" cake toppers. Imagine the soundtrack of your life, old school cassette-style, and label it “My #50 mix”. Then actually create the soundtrack and play it at the event from your Spotify. Yes, we admit to stealing this idea from a party for a one-year old, but it just goes to show, we haven’t really changed much, have we? If you need a little more range for your cake toppers, we encourage you to get creative. Maybe your birthday has more of a whacky theme; enter these clown-like cupcake hat toppers. These are perfect for the individual who embraces color and has a slight obsession with circuses (perfectly healthy obsession). If the idea of putting a topper on every cupcake frustrates you beyond belief, then we would recommend going the tiny cake banner route.  Yellow Bliss Road even provides you with a free printable, just make your family members cut out the little pieces. They at least owe you that; you’re turning 50 after all!

When all else fails, let Dammit Doll take on your discontent with the unavoidable reality of aging. Just whack the doll around and yell “I’m not getting older, I’m getting better, DAMMIT!” Now that you have that out of your system, enjoy your celebration. And don’t worry, 50 looks good on you, DAMMIT! Our dolls just might make the best birthday gift of all.

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