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Throw The Best Football Party This Season


One of America’s greatest Holidays is almost upon us. Super Bowl Sunday is host to the most watched sporting event of the year. As you can imagine this stresses party planners out more than the idea of feeding a small army. Your decorations need to be on point, the drinks must be flowing and most importantly of all, everyone must be fed the very best appetizers. Don’t trip our little potato chip, Dammit Doll is here to take you through the steps of becoming a football party god.

Send Out An Invite

[Source: Better Homes and Gardens]

Make sure to send out an invitation. Friends and family are sweet little sheep that need to be herded into the right plans. It can be a Facebook event if you’re lazy (our go-to), an e-vite if you’re feeling fancy and if you’re too cool for school then send a magnificent invite via snail mail. We’re partial to the Better Homes and Garden invitation above. Make sure to send it out a couple weeks ahead of time and let them know what will be there and what won’t. Nothing is more annoying than hearing your cousin’s trendy friend whining about how none of the vodka is organic or gluten free.

Have Extra Activities

[Source: Lows to Luxe]

It’s not really a party until we lose some money gambling. It’s always smart to have a little side entertainment for commercial breaks or in case the halftime performance is super boring (sorry, we’re not sorry Bruno Mars). We like this simple take on guessing who’s going to win by Lows to Luxe- it gives us a 50/50 chance. We’d prefer a 100% but we’ll take what we can.

Make It Picture Worthy

[Source: SweetFi Parties via Etsy]

Feel like you still need an extra dose of fun? Bring on the photo booth props! Social Media isn’t going away anytime soon so you might as well give in and let your guests take a few comical selfies. Better yet, get a step ahead of them and make a party hashtag. That way everyone can see what a success you are and strangers experience FOMO over not being invited to your raging party!

Make Drinking Even More Fun

[Source: Evite]

Now, for the set-up, we’re the no muss/no fuss type of crowd. So we love this simple look that has a little more going on than you think. The table doubles as a beer tasting board. Beer is always a winning choice but sometimes you need to make drinking just a little more fun. Evite suggests having guests try new drinks and tally which ones are best.

Decorate Like A Champ

[Source: Make Life Lovely]

You can’t always expect people to keep their drinks in the designated areas so it's best to come prepared with some fun football-themed coasters. Look no further than these turf coasters that will make everyone smile on game day. You also won’t have to worry about losing your cool over ring spots on that new EXPENSIVE coffee table.

We All Love A Good Tease

[Source: A Cozy Kitchen]

Let’s move on to what’s going in our bellies. We’re always dreaming of soft pretzels. It’s borderline a bad habit but what better time to indulge than Super Bowl weekend. A Cozy Kitchen takes the soft pretzel game to a whole new level with this tot-sized creation and curry mustard dipping sauce. We consider this an appetizer win!

Spice It Up

[Source: La Crema]

Sometimes you've got to get a little weird to get the Super Bowl party praises you deserve. Enter this Korean Gochujang chicken wing recipe by Katie at the Kitchen Door. All the diverse flavors combine to make a savory masterpiece that will go down in the party hall of fame.

Cool It Down

[Source: MyDomaine]

One simply does not forget about the sweet treats! Yes we’re already carb-loading, fat-loading and probably shame-loading, so why not add dessert? We’re lovers of whatever is simple, which is why we went head over heels for this Popsicle bar idea by My Domaine. First plus, you just have to buy the popsicles, not make them! Second plus, the DIY element of dunking these sweet treats into whatever topping you choose! Super Bowl is an American tradition so we’re pretty positive we should be celebrating any sort of freedom even if it only applies to dessert.

Now that you have all the tips get ready to truly enjoy your Super Bowl party and try not to focus too much on the looming hangover that's ultimately headed your way. Either way, WIN Dammit Doll has your back. Whether you have to whack a few rude guests or need a cuddle buddy when you’re hurting the day after, WIN Dammit is here for you. 

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