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Alone Again On Valentine’s Day


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Or in our case, HAPPY SINGLEVERSARY!!!!  People in relationships always make it seem like they are so #blessed to be with their significant other. Here at Dammit Dolls, we’ve found that people’s lovers are actually the ones who make them say DAMMIT the most! So, who is really #blessed? The fun, flirty, singles out there!
Relationships are overrated, but we must admit, they do come with a few perks (i.e. having a cuddle buddy and eating partner whenever you want). Don’t worry though – we’ve done SERIOUS research and the cons of a relationship definitely outweigh the pros. Think about the stress you avoid by being single: not having to find a meaningful holiday gift, no checking in when you’re in da club, not having to pretend you care about someone else’s problems… The pros are endless!
Here are some tips on how to spend your Singleversary the right way!

1. Pop open your favorite bottle of wine.

This step is pretty self explanatory... After all, no good story ever started with a salad, right? Since it is your special day, splurge on that $10 bottle instead of your usual Two-Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s.


[Source: Instagram @YouHadMeAtBordeaux]


2. Treat Yourself

Date night is good, but have you ever gotten lit in a bathtub full of rose scented bubbles, blasting Shania Twain, wearing a mud face mask? Try it. Rated 5 stars by yours truly.


[Source: Instagram @PeonyParcel]


3. Gather the Girls

Now that you’re refreshed! There is nothing stronger than a group of single, independent women!! Rally the troops – it’s time for game night! There is no one around to impress so get weird! Keep it classic with Ellen DeGeneres Head’s Up or play a game of Jenga and write a dare on each block. Need a dare recommendation? Pick a number in your friend’s phone and make them call it without knowing who they are calling -- 100% laugh guaranteed!

[Source: Instagram @WineNighthq]


4. One (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure

Who doesn’t like the letters F-R-E-E in that order? Clean out your closet and bring all your hand-me-downs to the galentines get together for a clothing exchange! Throw everyone’s old clothes in a pile and have a free-for-all! You’ll all be walking away with a new wardrobe without spending a dollar!


    [Source: Instagram @Panda_mr]


5. Pillow Fight

Sleepovers are the best! Remember when you were young and you’d have sleepover parties? You got to stay up all night with your best friends telling stories.  Here is your chance to relive that. Bring out the blow up mattress, fuzzy blankets, and fluffy pillows… these girls have some gossip to catch up on!  

[Source: Instagram @LitteGiraffeIsLove]


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