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Trying to impress while finalizing your #MarchMadness Brackets? We’re here to help!


Things to do on Valentine’s Day to make you forget the fact that you’re single and fall asleep cuddling your wine bottle every night (no judgment).


We understand that every day you deal with stress and frustration. And sometimes it's hard to not throw your computer on the ground when it decides to crash before it autosaves your freaking blog post for the second time!!!! DAMMIT!

But for everyone else, we created this bombtastic infographic to help you rationally deal with your anger. Doesn't seem credible? We think so too. At least we were paid to make this stuff up.

Despite your co-workers beliefs, your desk is not chitchat central, a dumping ground for reports or the place to throw away unwanted snacks. Your workspace should be a place of zen, complete with all the tools you need to “beast mode” your tasks from 9 to 5. We’ll try anything at least once, especially if it prevents us from recreating the fax machine-bashing scene in Office Space. Enter desk Feng Shui guide.


One of America’s greatest Holidays is almost upon us. Super Bowl Sunday is host to the most watched sporting event of the year. As you can imagine this stresses party planners out more than the idea of feeding a small army. Your decorations need to be on point, the drinks must be flowing and most importantly of all, everyone must be fed the very best appetizers. Don’t trip our little potato chip, Dammit Doll is here to take you through the steps of becoming a football party god.

There are few things as truly horrible as stubbed toe pain. Stubbing your toe is one of those moments in life where you realize Karma is real, a real bitch that is. From there you start to question what you possibly could have done in this life or the past one to deserve such a cruel fate!  Since we’ve studied at the great college of WebMD we feel qualified to walk you through the different stages of stubbing your toe. We retract the previous statement if you actually need medical attention.

You’re not getting older, you’re getting better, DAMMIT!
Party ideas for the big FIVE-ohhh….

It’s as if turning 50 has been deemed one of the original sins. What is considered over the hill anyway? We are wiser, more grounded, and it’s not our first rodeo. Been there, done that! We try not to be frustrated by our advancing age. Let’s celebrate the fact that we’ve miraculously managed to survive 50 years on this stress-stricken planet. Take stock of these fun 50th birthday ideas that will help us ring in the big FIVE O with pride.
We all know the Holidays are stressful. We’ve all had to live through variations of the "kids' tables", bad gifts, and random insults.  Of all the special days this season,  the one that tends to yield the most Dammit Moments is Thanksgiving. What may be a turkey day horror story for you is comic gold to us! Our staff shared some of their funniest Thanksgiving moments so you can join in the merriment and the undeniable awkwardness.
The Food Network and bloggers are giving everyone hosting FOMO ("fear of missing out" if you've been living under a rock). But as soon as we decide to take on Thanksgiving dinner at our house the stress starts to trickle in. What size turkey do I need? How fancy do the place settings have to be? Why is grandma here so freaking early?! Being the hostess with the mostest is a difficult feat! Seriously, there is a reason Martha Stewart survived in prison. She must’ve been one cast iron beast to always be delivering food with that big  smile plastered on her face. Below are some quick tips that get us through this Holiday!
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Forgot Halloween was on the 31st?! DAMMIT! There's nothing quite as stressful as selecting or creating a Halloween costume. It’s usually why we all leave it to the very last minute. Who cares, DAMMIT?! Procrastination breeds Halloween DIY creativity. Below are 5 easy DIY Halloween costumes you can do on the cheap.

Worked 10 hours of overtime and your boss still isn’t impressed?! DAMMIT! The work environment can be a breeding ground of stress and anxiety. A great way to steer clear of this is by making your boss happy. Here are 5 easy tricks to impress your boss.