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Shipping Costs* & HOLIDAY SCHEDULE

We understand that everyone needs a Dammit Doll within reach during the Holiday season so due to the hefty amount of orders we’re expected to receive (WHOO-HOO! Look above for the code!) over the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale; some orders (like a middle child!) require an extra 24 hours of love and attention, prior to shipping. Once your order has shipped, an email notification will be sent with your tracking information.

Occasionally, severe weather conditions may cause unavoidable delays in shipping. Please be assured that our team and our freight companies will do our best to see that your shipment arrives as timely as possible.

In order to guaratee deliveries before Christmas, orders must be placed by 1:00 pm PST (unless otherwise specifed below) on the dates listed below.

Shipping Chart
Method Shipping TIme Cost
Ground 4 - 7 Business Days
Guarateed Holiday Delivery: Sunday December 17, 2017 by midnight PST
2Day 2 Business Days
Guarateed Holiday Delivery: Wednesday December 20, 2017
Overnight** Next business day is ordered by 2:00 pm PST
Guarateed Holiday Delivery: Thursday December 21, 2017
*Shipping costs are weight-based; cost will vary by order size
**Orders placed after 2:00 pm PST will ship the next business day

We don’t ship outside the U.S. Before you start throwing things in frustration, please visit our locator page. We have distributors in other counties who'd love to fulfill your frazzled wishes.