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Shipping Costs*

Overnight 2 Day Ground (up to 7 days)
$20.00 $12.00 $5.00

MEMORIAL DAY SHIPPING: Orders placed before 1:30 pm PST on Friday, May 26, 2017 will ship same day. All orders placed after 1:30 pm PST will begin shipping Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

*If you choose to have your order expedited (overnight shipping only), it must be submitted by 1pm PST for overnight shipping. Anything ordered after 1pm PST will leave our warehouse the following day, unless it’s Friday, in which case it will be shipped out Monday. Any orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will ship the following business day. This rule does not exist just so we can make it to happy hour, it exists because the shipping service has a strict pickup schedule. At least we hope that’s why, otherwise they’re getting discount drinks and appetizers without us. RUDE!

Shipping is stressful so let’s go through the basics, DAMMIT!

Your order will be shipped via a Standard Service unless you select an expedited shipping method aka the “I want it now button”. Your shipping rate is subject to change depending on the weight of you order. Sorry foreigners, these rates are not applicable for orders shipped outside of the US. Express lovers, please note that expedited orders placed will be shipped the following day.

Occasionally, severe weather conditions may cause unavoidable delays in shipping. Please be assured that our team and our freight companies will do our best to see that your shipment arrives as timely as possible.


But I want it now! When can I start slamming, whacking and yelling?!

  Ground Shipping 2 Day Overnight
Day of Order Placement Estimated day of delivery
Sunday Friday Wednesday Tuesday
Monday Saturday Thursday Tuesday*
Tuesday Monday Friday Wednesday*
Wednesday Wednesday Monday Thursday*
Thursday Thursday Tuesday Friday*
Friday Friday Wednesday Monday*
Saturday Friday Wednesday Tuesday

* Overnight shipping when order is placed before 1 pm PST.

Our delivery options are just an overview of the delivery time frame and do not include the time required to prepare your order. Some orders, like a middle child, require a little extra love and attention. Most orders are ready within one business day of ordering, some orders require more time.

We don’t ship outside the U.S. Before you start throwing things in frustration, please visit our locator page. We have distributors in other counties who'd love to fulfill your frazzled wishes.


*shipping costs are weight-based; cost will vary by order size